Pse Compound Bow Supra Focus Xl Em 2020

  • Category: Compound Bow
  • Brand: Pse

Price : S$ 2,000.00




  • Very stable, long riser.
  • Suitable for a wide range of draw lengths from 24" to 31".
  • Adjustable without the need for a bowpress.
  • Short, wide track target limbs provide increased stability.
  • Deflexed riser design for a stable and forgiving bow.
  • Equipped with Evolve EM Cam to for a smooth draw.

Technical specifications:

Material: Aluminium
Axle to Axle: 40"
Bracing Height: 7.5"
Mass Weight: 5.1lbs
Let-off: 75% (85% module available seperately)
Draw Length Options:  24"-30"
Speed Rating:  319 (ATA) - 327 (IBO) fps
Cam:  Evolve EM
Handedness: RH, LH
Draw Weights (lbs.): 50/ 60
Finish:  Anodized (standard colours only)